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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Andrew and I worked extremely hard for our Memorial Day project. Prior to deployment we

were in the studio on work nights sometimes until late in the morning and getting up on 2-3 hours of

sleep to be on post at 5am the next day. We knew we wanted to Honor the fallen and our brothers we

served with in Kandahar and recording the song was just the first step. What we came up with at the

end was exciting for us and we wanted to share it with the world in an effort to really capture the

meaning of Memorial Day and to pay homage to the fallen and their families. Never did we expect the

outreach that we had with all of the media outlets and people sharing our work. We were overwhelmed

and happy that our positive message was reached by so many people. Over the four days of its peak we

received heartfelt messages from all over the country telling us how much they appreciated us and our

music. Some told us that it helped them through a death in the family, some said it made them cry

happy tears that their loved one was recognized, and then there were the mothers of our featured

brothers. They were thankful and our project meant a lot to them and that right there meant the world

to us. On top of all the amazing emotions we had the opportunity to Donate and inspire donations to

the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Our efforts led to over $26,000 in donations and that is

simply incredible. Thank you!

– Justin


Phew! We apologize for the break in contact over the last two weeks. Memorial Day ambushed

us. It was impossible to keep up with all of the traffic we were getting. We have been using the last two

weeks to reorganize and plan our next steps. Never did we expect to viral like we did. That was

unbelievable. I think as we were putting the project together, Justin and I were hopeful that the video

would do well, and the message would be spread, but never did we expect to spread all throughout



The future is very promising.


While we continue to clean-up after the massive house party, we are taking the time to go

through all of the beautiful comments and messages we received, and sending personal responses to all

of them. We are compiling the data and waiting for our sales reports to come in, so we can donate all of

the proceeds from “I’m Gonna Miss You” to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

We can’t thank you enough for your support.


Because of you:

 We had a combined total of over 3M views on our music video, absolutely crushing our goal of

100K views. We had always planned on donating the money, but we wanted to get the message

out, and show our brother’s families that they were not forgotten.

 We had 1.2M views on our ABC interview

 We sold 600 copies of the song “I’m Gonna Miss You”, raising around $600 (pending sales

report) that we are donating to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

 RTIC Coolers donated $25K to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

 We donated $500 to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Payment Code: 36735673 )

We cannot express how grateful we are to feel so supported. Thank you for everything that you have


– Andrew



Here is a snapshot of the messages we received during the release. We wanted to share and acknowledge how beautiful the comments we received were. Once again, we are truly blessed to fight for America and have the support of people like you. Thank you. The families of our fallen brothers were grateful and felt supported.

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