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Let’s Ride

If you don’t know yet or haven’t heard the news, we are releasing a new song! It’s titled “Let’s

Ride” and it has been quite an adventure making it come together. After “I’m Gonna Miss You”, we

overwhelmed with joy to know so many people received our message but that now was time to share

our real music with you guys. We’ve been hiding about 8 songs fully recorded waiting to show the world.

We are PUMPED to announce our newest single “Let’s Ride”. The journey of this song has been a ride as

well and after Memorial Day we were blessed with an amazing opportunity to work with a 2 time

Grammy Award winning producer.


It seems like most of our amazing relationships in music come to fruition through a random

email, Facebook message, or twitter post. And that’s how we met Nathan Chapman, Grammy Award

winning producer (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Charles Kelley, and Rascal Flatts).

Through a twitter post! A few days went by, I completely forgot about it, and never told Justin. Since

Justin works at night, he was blindsided when a new message from Nathan was delivered to our Twitter

inbox. I woke up to a string of email traffic that was nothing but good news. What followed was a fully

Nashville Produced mix and the start of a new friendship.




Our biggest concern with this release, was the filming, resourcing, and creation of a music video.

The “I’m Gonna Miss You” music video was amazing. But a lot of its success was because of the meaning

behind the song/video, Memorial Day, and our story. With this release, we plan to fill your ears with a

catchy tune that you will want to play on repeat with the windows rolled down. We wanted the music

video to look professional, polished and competitive in the music industry. That is quite a tall order

considering it is a summer song, with a large part of the setting taking place at the beach.


Luckily, Justin’s family and friends were there to come together as a community and make the

vision come to life. It is because of Justin’s hometown of Tallahassee, that this music video is going to be

released. They filmed, resourced, planned, and worked with us via video chat to make sure it turned out

the best we could make it. With that, I won’t say any more. I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise… So stay

tuned, listen up, and #LetsRide!

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